India, and taking on the Rickshaw Run

Last month my buddy Lars and I made it back from India, in one piece thankfully, from a thoroughly ridiculous event known as The Rickshaw Run

It’s an absurd concept – where your fine self and a pile of other madwomen and madmen start at the top of India and race alllll the way to the bottom… In an auto-rickshaw. A silly three-wheeled lawnmower of a vehicle with a top speed of roughly ~30mph downhill on the highway.

They are notorious for breaking down, tipping over, falling apart, and of course – being the most fun way of possibly seeing the Indian subcontinent.

Our noble lawnmower, atop some mountain somewhere in India
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What I packed for 7 weeks in Southeast Asia

The milky way above a mountain pass in northern Thailand

I knew I was going to be overseas for seven weeks, staying mostly in hostels, and that I wanted to pack as light as possible while dabbling in some fairly serious photography.

This article wanders a bit, but I’ll try to cover the packing philosophy I used, the key decisions I made, and provide a list of everything I carried.

In the end it felt like I had everything needed, and my total packed weight wound up being just under 20 pounds; including the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet.

This kit worked great for my needs in Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

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